NEXT DAY Video & Photos

David Sunfellow retired in March of 2024, so he is no longer available to shoot weddings, family portraits, or other events. He is leaving his website up for couples, families, and fellow photographers who may find some of the content available here helpful.

Love and best wishes to everyone who visits this website!


Fast, Fun, Different

Looking for a way to remember — and share — your wedding that is fast, fun and different? I now offer NEXT DAY wedding videos — and photos!

If all you want is a video, coverage for one hour costs $600.00. Here’s what that price includes:

• The arrival of guests, wedding ceremony, signing of marriage license, group photo session (partial coverage), bride and groom photo session (partial coverage), comments from guests (if requested), comments from bride and groom for family members and friends who are unable to attend (if requested).

• Title page includes name of bride and groom, date and location of wedding

• Theme song (bride and groom’s favorite song used as background music for special portions of the video)

• Professional-quality wireless mic to record ceremony

• Professional-quality shotgun mic to record other audio

• Video filmed in high-definition 1080p, 24fps, smooth cinematic style

• The finished video will be available the day after the wedding via online download

• Copies of the video are also available on flash drives for $25.00 each (great gifts for family and friends who are unable to attend the wedding)

A $600.00 non-refundable fee is required to book the date and cover the cost of the video.

If you would like a video AND PHOTOS, the cost is $900.00 ($600.00 for video, $300.00 for photos). If you add the photos option, I guarantee 25 high-resolution, professionally shot and edited images, many of which will be incorporated into your video. I only offer photos for weddings that do not have a photographer. If you are hiring another photographer, I can make you a wonderful video, but not shoot photos too.

• Your wedding photos (and video) will be available the day after the wedding via online download

• Copies of your photos (and video) are also available on flash drives for $25.00 each

An $900.00 non-refundable fee is required to book the date and cover the cost of the video and photos.

For more information, email me at or text/call me at (928) 239-4133.


Aimee & Justin

“My husband and I used David Sunfellow’s videography for our wedding day in Sedona. David made our wedding day extra special with his videography skills. We traveled to Sedona alone to get married and David’s video helped our families feel like they were with us on our special day. He got footage of us exiting the car and walking to our ceremony location and edited it beautifully so it flowed right into our ceremony. The officiant had a mic on so everything was auditable on the video even though there was a strong breeze outside. He captured the full ceremony and then added our favorite song at the end of the video with clips of us signing our marriage license, popping champagne and gleefully smiling at each other with excitement for our future together. To wrap up the video, we were encouraged to say a few words to our families at home, it was so personal and special. I would 100% recommend this service to anyone looking to remember a momentous day in your life. David knew just where to position the camera to catch all of the moments we want to remember over and over. Thank you again! We love our video so much!”

— Aimee & Justin Gustafson (video)


Mindi & Chad

“Thank you so much for the video. It is absolutely beautiful! I watched it and it made me cry a second time. You did such a good job capturing such a special day and it is something I will cherish forever.”

— Mindi (video)


Lynette & Terry

“Thank you so much David! You do great work!!!! The photos are BEAUTIFUL!!! And we love the video!!! Thank you for making it fun. You actually made us look GOOD!”

— Lynette & Terry (photos and video)