Frequently Asked Questions

Some photographers do not give their clients copies of all their photographs. Do you?

Yes. My clients receive ALL the photographs from their event.


What happens if your camera breaks in the middle of my wedding? Do you have a backup?

I carry three cameras that allow me to shoot every kind of situation. If one camera dies (something that has never happened in all the years I have been a photographer), the other two cameras can fill in.


I’ve heard it can get very hot in Sedona, especially during the middle of the summer. How do you recommend dealing with the heat?

– Schedule your wedding for late afternoon (this is also the best time of day for lighting, which is extremely important when it comes to getting good photographs)

– Choose a location that has shade nearby, if possible

– If there isn’t shade nearby, bringing umbrellas is a good idea

– Drink lots of water (and carry water with you if you have to walk to and from your location)

– If you have family and friends, be sure they have water and are prepared for the heat and strong sunlight

– Ask your local helpers for their advice to be sure you choose an appropriate location, at an appropriate time of day


Can I wear high heels to locations on Sedona’s red rocks?

That depends where you are going. For the most part, however, the answer is no. It is better to bring along a pair of tennis shoes or hiking boots that you can wear while walking on red rocks and trails. You can change into your high heels once you’ve reached your photo destination.


I have an elderly parent that I want to bring to my wedding who can’t walk very far, and sometimes needs a wheel chair. Are there red rock locations in Sedona where they can attend my wedding?

Yes, but they are limited. This is something you will need to discuss with your Sedona contacts, who will be able to help you pick an appropriate location.


What is the best time of year to get married in Sedona?

Weather wise, spring and fall. People wise (when you have Sedona more to yourself), winter. Seasons aside, Sedona is considered a four-season city, and with good cause. With the exception of infrequent heat waves, and rare rain and snow storms, it is a very hospitable place. Your odds of having near-perfect weather are very high and a person that is creative can make lemonade out of just about any condition.